American Pistolsmiths Guild

Dedicated to Excellence in the Pistolsmithing Craft

Roy Huntington

Contact Info

Editor, American Handgunner Magazine

12345 World Trade Drive
San Diego, 92128


Guild History

Roy picked up his first handgun at age three (okay, a cap gun) and hasn’t stopped since. Fortunately his dad showed him how to be safe with guns at an early age, and in a rare moment of wisdom, Roy paid attention. After a career as a cop in San Diego (all the while making an effort to pry his way into writing for gunzines, with some small successes now and again) Roy retired and became the editor of a cop magazine. After regaining his senses, he accepted a position as editor of American Handgunner and now wrecks havoc in the gunzine arena, blundering his way into the position of editorial director for GUNS Magazine, Handgunner and American COP Magazine. Roy has a wife who is a detective, a daughter who likes to hunt and a golden retriever who likes to sleep. He likes nice guns, old cars and good wine. He said, “Life is good”.