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Marc Morganti

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Contact Info

Gemini Custom, LLC

717 Botkins Road
Frankfort, 40601


Guild History

Precision machine work and meticulously handcrafted, heirloom quality 1911 and Colt .380 Mustang pistols. Specialist in duty/defensive use format 1911. Complete reliability, match accuracy, ergonomic enhancement with exquisite cosmetic appeal are the trademarks of Gemini Custom. In business since 1997 Pistolsmith Of The Year 2009


Work Performed

Your complete source for beautiful and reliable duty-style and custom-carry Ruger and Smith & Wesson Double-Action Revolver customization. Ruger SP101, GP100 and Super Red Hawk and any S&W J, K, L, N or X Frame revolver are specialties. Gemini Customs is a true custom shop, featuring our own exotic wood grips, Hybra-Port™ porting, moonclip conversions and Small Wonder Sights. In business since 1997, Gemini Customs has specialized in meticulously crafted heirloom quality sidearm customization of concealed carry sidearms. We offer a full line of options, packages, parts, and great customer service. Known for years as one of the most “over the top” 1911 compact style pistol smiths, Marc’s emphasis has evolved into customization of all Ruger and Smith & Wesson double-action revolvers. Our Hybra-Port™ Ruger and Smith & Wesson packages, as well as our full custom masterpieces, have become an overwhelming success with strong customer demand. Marc’s wife, Karen, expanded the scope of operations to include Exotic HardWood Grips in 2010. We are now the ONLY custom pistolsmithing operation in the United States to make our own over the top double-action revolver grips.   We only supply grips to customers that have submitted their firearm for customization.

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