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Hamilton Bowen

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Bowen Classic Arms, founded in 1980, offers a wide variety of modifications for both single and double-action revolvers with a primary focus on both working guns for outdoorsmen and highly refined pieces for collectors. Services are available in carefully derived packages and include tuning, sight work, barrel shortening, caliber conversions and finishing. Specialists in fabricating and fitting custom 5 and 6-shot cylinders (including line-boring for single-action Rugers) and a variety of barrel styles, some with integral features. Finishing services include hand polishing, carbona bluing and color case hardening. Bowen Classic Arms produces a very limited number of presentation-quality pieces each year that feature highly detailed metalwork, fancy grips and engraving. The firm also produces a line of adjustable rear sights for Ruger revolvers and a number of pistolsmithing parts and accessories, including cylinders, base pins, a variety of sights, enfloat bushings, lanyard rings, etc. Bowen Classic Arms recently published The Custom Revolver in 2001, a heavily illustrated, 300-page hardback book that covers in great detail all aspects of custom revolversmithing.

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Bowen Classic Arms

P.O. Box 67 3512 Old Lowes Ferry Road
Louisville, 37777


Guild History

1990 Pistolsmith of the Year Single Action Inspector Former APG President APG Board of Directors

Work Performed

Ruger Smith & Wesson United States Firearms (USFA) revolvers Exquisite heirloom quality custom conversions for revolvers.