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Bill Wilson

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Wilson’s Combat /Scattergun Technologies

2234 County Road 719
Berryville, 72616

1-800-955-4856 (Fax: 870-545-3310)

Guild History

Custom handguns and accessories for practical pistol competition and self-defense. Bill is the founder of IDPA an inventor and innovator of many firearms products, ex director of USPSA, and an active master class competitor. Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies is possibly the largest pistolsmithing shop in the US with 11 skilled pistolsmiths and 7 rifle and shotgun specialists. Specializing in the 1911 style semiautomatic. More IPSC championships have been won using Bill Wilson Custom pistols than any other brand. 2002 PISTOLSMITH OF THE YEAR IN BUSINESS SINCE 1974.