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624 Cherry Rd.
Syracuse, New York 13219
United States
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Match barrel installation
Major and Minor repairs
Frame Saver Guide Rods, Tools and Fixtures, 1911 Parts and Custom Accessories
Following a twenty-five year career in law enforcement, which included ten years as a handgun and rifle training supervisor.
I am now devoted full-time to my pistolsmithing business. I have been a member of the prestigious "American Pistolsmiths Guild" since 1989, and a proud member of the "American Handgunner Club 100 Pistolsmiths" since 1994. In 1999, I was appointed an examiner of autoloaders and revolvers of perspective members of the "American Pistolsmiths Guild".
In 1993, I teamed up with Tom Wallace, an expert machinist, to offer shooters another source for the Kreiger patented Acc-u-Rail slide-Frame fitting system. Tom and I have over 45 years combined experience working on firearms. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible workmanship and service.
After many years experimenting and testing, I designed and patented a new style guide rod for 1911 pistols. The Frame Saver Guide Rod prevents frame and slide battering reduces felt recoil and allows faster follow-up consecutive shots. The heavy Tungsten Frame Saver Guide Rod and Tungsten Spring Plugs significantly reduce muzzle rise in any 1911 pistol.
Over the years I have developed many very useful, timesaving Tools and Fixtures for working on 1911 pistols. Using the right tools or fixtures for specific operations will save u valuable time, produce quality results, and prevent damage to expensive gun parts.
The various Parts and Accessories I handle are the finest in the industry. When correctly fit to your particular pistol,these components will last for many thousands of rounds.
The Kreiger Patented Acc-u-Rail Slide-Frame Fitting System was originally designed to work on 1911 style pistols. Tom and I have evolved the system to include other types of autoloaders and also developed a new and popular "Captive" Rail System. Using the Acc-u-rail multidirectional frame and slide milling fixtures, Tom has perfected precise machine fitting of slides to frames, an innovation we call "Acc-u-Fit".

Guild History

Member in Good Standing
APG Revolver and Semi Auto Inspector


1911, Carry, IDPA, IPSC


All 1911 Style Pistols

Work Performed

All types of standard or custom type modifications to 1911 style pistols.
Acc-u-Rail installations
1911's, Browning HP's and most SmithWesson type Autos
Action work and repairs on SmithWesson auto and revolvers
American Pistolsmith's Guild
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